As we approach the mid-point of another blazing summer, much is afoot here in my world. We are getting closer to the first Del-Lords record in 20 years with each tick tock of the clock. I am also finalizing artwork for the re-release of my first solo record, TENEMENT ANGELS, first released, or rather, first dropped out the back of a moving truck, in the early 90’s. It features my friends, THE SKELETONS, sometimes known as THE MORELLS, but either way I like to simply refer to them as the best band in the land that you don’t know – a band born to play rock’n’roll in all its incarnations from 1952 to oh, 1968, a time period I also refer to as The Renaissance Years. Besides the cd, with revamped artwork, there will be a limited run of signed LPs (big one with the small hole), and even a .45 (small one with the big hole). The record itself is what we used to call a rock’n’roll record. Soon come, friends, soon come.

Then there’s this website here. Still under construction, but daily growing. There will be an official launch of the site although as you can see it is up and running to the point you can stop by and see how the construction is going. My pal Craig and I are working together on this, and that makes at least one of us who knows what he’s doing (guess which one), so a fun visit will be assured for all those who venture inside. So, stay tuned, much more to come. Come back and see us, y’hear?!

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