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I was born in the year of Rock’n’Roll. Elvis was taking his first shot at punching a hole in the Universe, and Dion, with a few of his paisanos, was a few blocks North and a few years away fromcreating Bronx Soul Music on the streets of Little Italy. The Yankees were my neighborhood team & my religion & Mickey Mantle was my god–In 1964, I saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan and my world exploded into fire & light. I was born anew, or maybe for the first time. Everything changed, and it still hasn’t changed back. I suppose it never will.–In 1967, I saw The Who and my world shifted one more time and this time I end up buying, or rather my grandparents buy me a walnut Gibson SG Standard. Just like Pete’s.

In 1970, I see The Stooges at a small club called Ungano’s. They’re promoting their upcoming album, FunScott Kempner playing guitar for the Del-Lords House. My world is turned upside down by the possibilities they show me that Rock’n’Roll contains. The picture is getting clearer. The sculpture is taking shape. –In 1972, I join with Andy Shernoff & Ross the Boss, in a house in the middle of nowhere that becomes the laboratory that hatches The Dictators, a full-throttle, pop culture, Rock’n’Roll as lifestyle, mega-volume, high energy two guitars, bass & drums band. We add my childhood best friend, Handsome Dick Manitoba & it all comes together. We are still riding the third rail some 37 years later. I play rhythm guitar, keep that train on the tracks. I take my job very seriously.–In 1975, I become aware of Bruce Springsteen. My painting is done, the sculpture is recognizable as me. –In 1982, I hook up with Manny Caiati, Frank Funaro & Eric Ambel with the modest goal of becoming the perfect American Rock’n’Roll Band. Two guitars, bass and drums, of course. I sing, share guitar duties with Eric, and write the songs this time.

In 1995, I get a phone call from my childhood hero, Dion DiMucci. He wants to start a band. Let’s do it, D. We write some songs, call Frank, & Mike Mesaros to handle bass chores, and we become Little Kings.–In 1992, I release the first of my solo albums, called TENEMENT ANGELS. I release another in 2007, called SAVING GRACE.–It’s 2009, and The Del-Lords are back together, making a new record, and about to hit the road to see what we’ve got left in the tank. Word of caution: Don’t underestimate us! Or me.

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