45rpm MANIA (the big one with the little hole)

45rpm MANIA (the big one with the little hole)

A few months back I heard from Gary Borress, my friend, as well as proprietor of GB Music, the label that released ELVIS CLUB, the most recent Del- Lords record, as well as having reissued TENEMENT ANGELS, my first solo record, and a live “bootleg” from one of the very first solo acoustic shows I’d ever done, LIVE ON BLUEBERRY HILL.

Gary had the idea of releasing a couple of tracks that he found in the archives, from around the time of SAVING GRACE, my second solo record. His idea was to release a 45 of BACKSLIDIN’ & BLUE ON BLUE, two of the songs we uncovered, as well as a bonus cd, which features those two tracks and three unreleased demos from a ways back. This idea is now a reality.

Both songs are (unsurprisingly) guitar heavy Rock’n’Roll. BACKSLIDIN’ features Frank Funaro on drums, Tad Kinchla on bass, and Frank and Dave Kincaid on backing vocals. BLUE ON BLUE also features Frank and Mike Mesaros on bass, as well as backing vocals by Frank and Andy Shernoff.

The three demos, LISTENING TO ELVIS, ALREADY LOST YOU, & JEALOUS BONE, which date back to the late 90s, when I was playing with Dion on a regular basis, and like our band, Little Kings, these tracks feature Del-Lord Frank Funaro on drums, and my friend, the mighty Mike Mesaros of the Smithereens, on bass. LISTENING TO ELVIS features Dave Kincaid on bass and backing vocals.

The single plus cd package are available through my website here, as well as through Great Big Island. For all interested parties, I will leave the ordering addresses on my website, ScottKempner.com. The 45s are all signed ad numbered by yours truly. I do hope you’ll check it out. You just might like it!

Available here at scottkempner.com; dave@greatbigisland.com; and at del-lords.com


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